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Lemon Drops made with Essential Oils of Lemons from the Amalfi Coast

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Lemon Drops made with Essential Oils of Lemons from the Amalfi Coast

If you have ever traveled to the Amalfi Coast you probably tried the Lemon Balls from Perle di Sole. These are the exact same ones that you enjoyed during your stay in Italy, and their strong lemon flavor and fizzy filling will bring back memories of your holidays.



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  • 5
    Nothing comes close except Mrs. Sees (comes close)

    Posted by susan on May 26th 2022

    perle di sole lemon drops hard to the core

  • 5
    Perlé di sole lemon drops

    Posted by Sally on Nov 28th 2021

    I love savory foods but keep a dish of candies out for visitors. These lemon drops have converted me. I absolutely adore them, especially when I begin to sense the tarte true lemon flavor breaking through the veneer of sweet.

  • 5
    Great Customer Service

    Posted by Jason on Nov 2nd 2021

    I accidentally ordered the wrong item online, but was easily able to change it with a simple phone call. The customer service was efficient and top notch! Thank you

  • 5
    Lemon and orange drops

    Posted by Mary Ellen on Sep 8th 2021

    These are the best hard candies

  • 5
    Amalfi Lemon Drops

    Posted by Greg Thompson on Jan 26th 2021

    I am addicted to these candies. I first found them when we went to Italy and was very happy to a distributor in the United States. The customer service at Sweet Imports has been great.

  • 5
    Lemon Drops, and Lemon Jellies

    Posted by Kay Slater on Sep 24th 2020

    I was introduced these wonderful candies when visiting Amalfi. After sharing some with my family, I have them 'hooked' on them too! They are always in a dish on my pantry counter, for anyone needing one! We definitely love them!!!

  • 5
    Perle Sole

    Posted by Elise on Mar 27th 2020

    Every one reminds me of our trip to the Amalfi coast. Sweet, sour with a gelatin center. THE BEST

  • 4
    Amalfi lemon drops Perle Di Sole

    Posted by Alpha Elkins on Oct 15th 2019

    A taste of the Amalfi Coast! Very tart and good! Fast delivery also!!

  • 4
    Amalfi lemon drops

    Posted by Kim on Feb 23rd 2019

    I had these wonderful lemon candies while visiting Naples, Italy. They were so delicious I had to find them on line. When I received them in the mail, they were In good condition and tasted Exactly as I remembered them. These candies are the best lemon candies I have ever had. Thank you