Pavoncelli Lampascioni (580ml Jar)

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The Pavoncelli family moved from the region of Abruzzi to the planes of Foggia (in the Puglia region) in the late 17th century. In 1860 they started trading in agricultural products and, in 1891, they deposited the original trademark crest with the Kingdom of Italy. Today Pavoncelli brand products preserve the original passion for quality and culinary excellence while employing modern and sustainable farming techniques.

Lampascioni are the Bulbs of the Tassel Hyacinth, and are a regional delicacy of Puglia.  The bulbs are harvested in the wild and are washed before boiling in a solution of water and vinegar.  They are then marinated in sunflower oil for preservation.

Lampascioni are excellent with bread alongside salumi and cheese.