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Pasta & Grains

Pasta is one of the most ubiquitous foods on the planet and certainly can be found in every market here in America. Unfortunately the brands you mostly find on the shelves are industrially made pastas, some not even from Italy, and many not made with durum wheat, which makes cooking these pastas 'al dente, an almost impossible task.

The pasta we offer is something quite different and unique. Our pastas are artisanal pastas, made from only 2 ingredients, durum wheat and water. The also have to be bronze-drawn, and they have to be air dried.

Drawing pasta through a bronze die gives the surface of the pasta a roughness and a porosity that makes the sauce cling to it rather than sliding off.

Air drying the pasta maintains the aroma and flavor of the wheat, as well as some of its nutritional value, including wheat protein. Industrial-made pasta is actually heat dried at around 140 degrees, and that is when the starch molecules open, and a Maillard reaction, a chemical term for toasting, begins. The dark yellow color that this toasting produces in conventionally made pasta is an easy way to distinguish the product from traditionally made pasta, which has a pale creamy hue.

Any of our pastas, if cooked correctly, will be delicious to eat with very little sauce, as the nutty flavor of the durum wheat will be so satisfying to the palate that you will find yourself not wanting to drown the pasta in sauce. Just follow the 3 cardinal rules of artisanal pasta cooking:

  • Use abundant water (at least 1,5 gallons for every pound).
  • Salt the water with sea salt and cook the pasta while it is at a rolling boiling
  • Cook it al dente
  • Serve it immediately (So, it's important to have a colander,condiment, and a warm serving dish ready as soon as the water is put on to boil)

If you follow these 4 simple rules, you can enjoy any of our pasta with some peeled tomatoes and a drizzle of one of our premium EVOOs.

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