Organic Linguine (1.1 Lb | 500 g)

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Organic Linguine (1.1 Lb | 500 g)


Organic Linguine  

Paolo Petrilli's Pasta in his own words:

Linguine occupy one of the first three places in the hit-parade of pasta formats.  If you like long-format pasta, Paolo Petrilli's Linguine are a pure delight to eat.  The combination of 2 ancient grains, the meticulous bronze-die extrusion, and the air drying in the hills of Gragnano, the birthplace of pasta that is constantly brushed by the mild, salty air off the Amalfi coast, make Paolo Petrilli's organic linguine one of the top pastas in the world and are the only choice of many Michelin-starred chefs and home-gourmands.

For a truly remarkable dining experience, pair Paolo's pasta with his own organic tomatoes which are widely recognized as some of the best tomatoes you can find.

  Our pasta is made with two wheat varietals that have different, yet harmoniously compatible, characteristics: Tirex and Hathor, both of which we grow organically on our farm. Tirex has excellent gluten quality with high protein content thus giving the pasta its consistency and flavor. Hathor is a crossbreed between Korasan and Senatore Cappelli wheats, and gives the pasta its intense fragrance.

Our wheat is coarsely milled at very low speed and the flour is transformed into pasta by Pastificio Sorrentino in Gragnano, where it is bronze-drawn and air dried at low temperature in small static chambers.


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