Goleador Cola Soccer Jersey (5.3 Oz | 150 g)

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A delicious cola and lemon flavor that is never overbearing.
Each sleeve contains 2 candies.
20 Sleeves in a jersey bag.
Gluten Free
Goleador Cola Soccer Jersey (5.3  Oz | 150 g)

When you talk about iconic Italian candies, Goleador are at the very top of the pyramid. These delicious hard gummies were originally released in black licorice only, named " goleador" because it is the term used in Italy to identify a prolific soccer scoring forward, and the testimonial for this candy was Filippo 'Pippo' Inzaghi of AC Milan and Juventus fame.

Goleador have always been sold in bulk, at the store checkout counter, where their 200 pc display has been raided by generations of Italian kids. This new retail bag is a clever tribute to the candy's soccer origins and is a great way to gift Goleador o family and friends.

The jersey display is available in Fruit and Cola flavors.

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