Corbara Tomatoes (19.6 Oz. Jar)

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Corbara Tomatoes (19.6 Oz. Jar)

According to many, the Corbara Tomato (or simply the "Corbarino") that grows in Corbara is the best tasting tomato in the world. The exceptionally flavorful, bitterly sweet, deep tasting tomatoes grow only around Corbara (not far from Naples) and owe their unique flavor to the exceptional microclimate of the area. The wind blowing from the salty Tyrrhenian Sea, the intense sunshine throughout the year and the nutrient-rich volcanic soil from Mount Vesuvius, are all decisive factors in creating the uniquely exceptional taste of the Corbara Tomato.

There is a long history of passion in the work and effort that is behind rediscovering the Corbarino, a tomato cultivar that was practically extinct. It is grown on a hill of volcanic soil where there is plenty of sun but no water at all,  so the only irrigation comes from rainfall and it doesn't rain much in Corbara.  At harvest time the leaves are wilted and yellow, the branches are dehydrated, and it seems as thought the plant sacrificed itself to give all its hydration solely to the fruit. This lack of hydration coupled to the volcanic soil that is extremely rich in minerals, yields a very small tomato with extraordinary flavor and texture, sweet like no other, and low in acidity.

The Corbarino is also extremely expensive to produce as the fruit is tiny (25 tomatoes are needed to fill a half kilo jar), each fruit is rigorously handpicked and then carried off in crates that are carried off by the farmers on their shoulders, along steep dirt pathways.  

To appreciate it fully use it instead of regular tomatoes, without changing your usual recipe and taste the difference especially in its sweetness which is its principal characteristic. The Corbarino should be cooked only five to ten minutes tops, and you should never adjust its natural acidity with sugar or anything else as the Corbarino is not naturally acidic.

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