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Riserva San Massimo Organic Acacia Honey

Riserva San Massimo Organic Acacia Honey

Posted by Federico L Pavoncelli on Feb 7th 2019

Another fabulous product from Riserva San Massimo is now in stock, albeit with very limited availability.  The wetlands surrounding the Ticino River Natural Reserve are home to the Riserva's properties and are some of the most uncontaminated lands in Italy.  Here, they harvest the purest of Acacia honeys and bottle a few hundred cases each year.

If you are a honey lover and are looking for a pure, unprocessed, natural acacia honey, try a jar and you will be a fan for life.  

This product is spectacular when drizzled on a Pecorino Sardo or a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.