Premium Strawberry Preserves

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Strawberry fruit preserves made with aromatic strawberries ripened in the sun of the Dolomites - Ingredients: strawberries (75%), sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: apple pectin.
Premium Strawberry Preserves

 An insight to the fruits we grow: the Strawberry

As many as 12 different varieties of Strawberry ( Fragaria) grow in the temperate areas of the Northern hemisphere. Another variety grows in Chile. We use Senga Sengana (fragaria × ananassa), a type with semi-precocious ripening and dark red, medium-sized fruit grown for the first time in 1954 by Prof. Reinhold von Sengbusch. Strawberries are so rich in Vitamin C that just one 150 g serving fills the daily human need. Strawberries contain more Vitamin C than oranges and lemons, more manganese than any other fruit, and are also rich in folic acid, calcium, magnesium and iron. Strawberries have tonic, cleansing properties, and a firming effect on the skin; their low calorie content makes them ideal for use in weight control diets.




A statement from Alpe Pragas

We live and work here in the Braies Valley, in an idillic place called Außerprags. Although we are seemingly out of the busiest routes in our region, we are well known far beyond the borders of South Tyrol, and not only by fans of this tourist area and by lovers of nature in general. We have this on the singular position of our valley in the Dolomites, a scenario of unique mountains that was rightly awarded the status of "World Natural Heritage" by UNESCO. Before our eyes lies Lake Braies, while behind us stand the famous Three Peaks: natural pearls that can not fail to inspire us! Compared with the altitude of the Three Peaks, here in Außerprags we feel almost at sea level, although, considering that our elevation is more than 4000 feet, many would certainly disagree. The fruits we grow and harvest have benefited from this altitude for a long time already. Admittedly, we love only the best things. This is why we do everything to create authentic gourmet products. The secret comes from fruit that we use, which is so good you would never stop eating it. Each one of our jars is filled with as much fruit as we possibly can: our fruit compotes, in fact, contain at least 70% fruit. To process our fruit we need heat and strength, but we do it in a very delicate way which is followed by very rapid cooling. All of our preserves are packed e only in glass jars. We use only the best fruits from their crops or trusted partners. Fruit minimum content: 70%. We sweeten our product with a little sugar or agave syrup. We do not use food coloring, preservatives or artificial flavoring. Mild thermal treatment under vacuum at 150°F, exclusively packaging in glass jars..