Premium Green Gooseberry Preserves

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Premium Green Gooseberry Preserves
  • 75% Green Gooseberry grown at high altitude in the Dolomite Alps
  • The fruit is cooked in an autoclave to reduce its boiling point which preserves the original flavor of the fruit itself.
  • A rapid chill locks in the texture and flavor and only few ingredients are added to the fruit: beet sugar or agave syrup, lemon juice, and apple pectin.
  • Undoubtedly one of the best fruit preserves available, it pair greatly with cheese and roasted meats.
  • The product has no preservatives. It needs to be refrigerated after opening but, like fresh fruit, has a limited shelf life once opened.


Alpe Pragas grows its fruits at 3500 ft. above sea level, in an uncontaminated and idyllic setting that allows each fruit to ripen and develop their full flavor under the sun.   With a minimum fruit content of 70%, Alpe Pragas jars contain the highest possible amount of fruit.   Lightly heating the preserves during the production, a process followed by rapid chilling, also helps to keep natural flavors and precious vitamins intact. Alpe Pragas only adds a few ingredients to its pure fruit: a little beet sugar or agave syrup, the juice of lemons ripened under the Sicilian sun, and a touch of apple pectin. That's all! 

Alpe Pragas is located in the Dolomite Alps, near Lake Braies, a territory that farmers have molded with their own hands and where fruit trees and plants are treated with care and love, a love that rewards them with top quality fruits and berries.
The fresh mountain air ensures a slow ripening process and protects plants from diseases, for at this altitude there are not many parasites which, in turn, dramatically reduces the need for any pesticide. The result is integrated farming that protect the environment and yields a product that is unmatched in its flavor and quality.

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